Industrial buildings/businesses often require regular, documented maintenance. Having a construction and maintenance electrician – like ours – handle things like power, lighting and fire alarm allows the industrial electrician to maintain the manufacturing processes to decreases your down time. A combination of the two types of electricians is the best way to keep your facility as safe and productive as possible.

New Construction

Services include Power + Lighting, BAS, and Distribution Installations.

Service Equipment

New Services, Panel Upgrades (fuse to breaker), Service Upgrades, Transformer, Disconnects and Splitter Installations

Industrial Wiring

Heat Trace, Cable/Ladder Tray, Teck/Armoured/Liquid-Tight Cables, Rigid + EMT Conduit installations.

Lighting Installations

LED + Energy Saving Retrofits, Ballast Replacements, High-bays, Exterior Security/Parking Lot Lighting and more.


24hr. Emergency Service, Nuisance Tripping/Blown Fuses, Loss of Power, Replacement of Breakers, Fuses, Plugs, Disconnects and Switches

Other Services

Fire Alarm, Timers, Photo Eyes, Security Cameras, Security/Motion Lighting, Electrical Inspections.