Many homeowners don’t hire designers for their electrical, so it’s really up to the contractor to communicate clearly and expose underlying issues. Left unaddressed, these issues will present themselves when it’s too late. We plan with precision to ensure residential properties look and function remarkably!

New Builds

We do Custom Homes from the ground up. Our team works hard to deliver with precision, on time and on budget.

Services & Panels

Do you need to upgrade to 100, 200, or 400Amps? We also replace Fuse Panels with Breaker Panels & divide wiring & metering up for triplexes & apartments units.

Renovations & Additions

Basement apartments & In Law Suites, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Workshops and more

Lighting Installations

Pot Lights, Accent Lights, Chandeliers, 3-Way + 4-Way Switches, Under Cabinet Lighting, Driveway Lighting, Security and Landscape Lighting.


Knob & Tube replacement? Aluminum Wiring problems? No matter the issue our technicians rewire properties in accordance with current electrical code, often increasing safety & resale value & reducing insurance premiums


Loss of Power, 24hr. Emergency Service, Nuisance Tripping/Blown Fuses, Replacement of Plugs, Switches and Light Fixtures.

Other services

Smoke/Carbon Alarms, Pools, Security Cameras, Security/Motion Lighting, Electrical Inspections and Outcome Reports.